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Financial Literacy Course

Money Smart Financial Literacy Course from Vibe Tribe University

Every young adult and experienced professional must be aware of their financial stewardship and ability to manage debt. As a student of life, we must be aware of topics such as how to build and manage credit, pay back student loans, effectively use credit cards, make wise career choices, ways to achieve financial independence, and so on. If you can relate to either of these situations, Vibe Tribe University is the place for you. Our organization offers an all-inclusive financial literacy course to equip you with the wisdom, tools, and resources to manage your ... money and navigate life effectively.

To help you gain financial independence, our Money Smart financial literacy course at VTU has four curriculum based on competency levels from beginner to advanced levels. Our course is designed to help you make well-informed financial decisions and encourage financially responsible behavior. Want to explore our course? Text “Money Smart” to +1 (404) 594 - 5897 and speak to one of our Enrollment Advisors today.
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Financial Literacy Money Smart Course - A Synopsis

Improper financial management and not setting financial goals in life can put anyone’s career in danger. Therefore, enrolling in a financial literacy course can help you seamlessly sail through the financial journey. Thanks to Vibe Tribe University, which is here to enlighten you with its Money Smart financial literacy course. From learning financial concepts like budgeting, investing, borrowing, taxation, and personal financial management to implementing financial skills, VTU has something to offer everyone. 

Get A Sneak Peek Of VTU's Money Smart Program


Vibe Tribe University, the leading education platform, offers students a Money Smart financial literacy program, which includes plenty of lessons to implement financial concepts in their lives. 

  • The Money Smart course is available for students grades 6-8, students grades 9-12 & young adults (18-20 and above), adults over 20 years, a student/parent giver guide, and a Money Smart portfolio. 
  • Every session of the financial literacy course ranges from 50 to 80 minutes, depending on the session activities and class size. 
  • You will be enlightened in different areas, such as spending/budgeting, credit/debit management, financial planning, setting goals, intro to Texas, estate planning, and home ownership.
  • There will be a total of twelve and twenty-two lessons, along with teacher presentation slides.

Vibe Tribe University - A Preferred Choice For Financial Literacy Course?


Are you struggling to manage your finances or make an effective financial decision? Enrolling in the Money Smart financial literacy course at VTU will be your ultimate solution. Vibe Tribe University is a leading wellness community center headquartered in Atlanta, GA. 

  • Our course aims to help individuals develop financial skills to excel in their lives by making robust financial decisions. 
  • Our experienced faculty uses modern methodologies to teach students.
  • We also conduct workshops, including music, live entertainment, a fun learning environment, and more. 
  • We use different learning strategies, like in-person and grouping, help students grow together.
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